Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design
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Raffles Milano, opened in 2017 in via Felice Casati 16 in Milan, is an Institute of Higher Education in Design, the Italian branch of an international group with 22 campuses worldwide. The Milano campus offers three-year courses in Fashion design, Visual design, Design (with Interior and Product specialization) as well as High Training Courses (Masters in English) in Fashion design & Business, Visual design & Communication, Photography, Product & Interior design.

If you would like to apply to join our faculty as a teacher or collaborate in other departments of Raffles Milano please write an email to info@rm-modaedesign.it.

We are always looking for motivated and qualified collaborators who can help us improve our activities and achieve the ambitious goals we have set ourselves.

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Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design

A new fashion and design school in Milan? Yes, and it is called
Raffles Milano . A school with an unconventional spirit and an untraditional teaching method. A school conceived for those who want to look the future straight in the eye. And, above all, a school that has assembled an outstanding team of lecturers, many of whom are
prominent names in international style and design.

A school that goes all the way

Raffles Milano teaching method is inspired on transdisciplinarity and aims at letting students experience the effectiveness of working on authentic projects for real-life clients. Teachers and students are immediately involved in a relationship without barriers. Dialogue,
a common effort to search for new solutions, and mutual trust
between teachers and students make up the foundation of this
process of individual growth and teamwork that trains you to
tackle the future. An education that faces the future and prepares students to experience it as a natural evolution of the present.

A school which is already a job

Raffles Milano is the school that had never existed, but which companies
had been demanding for a long time; focused on doing as much
as on knowing. Projects here have a goal, a context, a stock
of resources, a background of previous experiences, a series
of reasons to come to life, and, naturally, a series of walls to break down. This is what students take in at every step. The professional world is the very foundation of our teaching programmes. In our Master’s courses, students encounter leading creative
personalities in their classrooms and get the chance to work with them on concrete projects.

The power of a network without boundaries

Raffles Milano is the link that strengthens the international network of Raffles Group, which was founded more than twenty-five years ago and is currently strongly expanding, with 22 colleges in twelve countries. The choice of Milan reflects the school’s strive for excellence and its deep affinity with a city which has always been acknowledged as the capital of design culture in the world.