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A vocation for the future
Ten amazing months, with internationally renowned lecturers. Once in a life time opportunity to learn directly from the protagonists. Raffles Milano Masters: finally someone has thought of it.
10 months
Start date

Course Leader

Gianpietro Vigorelli
Creative director
Class of 1951, Gianpietro Vigorelli is a benchmark for Italian advertising in recent decades. During the course of his career, he has stood at the helm of the most important and creative agencies. In 1987, he was Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, where he created a series of commercials directed by Woody Allen for the Coop in 1992. In 1994 he joined to Young & Rubicam and he created commercials for Barilla, with directors such as John Landis. In 1997, he and his partner Maurizio D’Adda co-authored that year’s edition of the Italian popular San Remo music Festival. In the same year, he and two longstanding friends, Maurizio D’Adda and Riccardo Lorenzini, set up their own agency. In 2000, he was Vice-President and Creative Director of DLV-BBDO, as result of the agency’s merger with BBDO Italy. As a director, he created advertising campaigns for Danone, Philips, Pirelli, Renault, Motta, Pupa, Barilla and Tè Ati. In 2010, he retired as President of BBDO to work as a promotion consultant at world level. His first job was as a lithographer.


The monolith is crumbling. Advertising is looking out for new ways of reaching people, who are more alert and streetwise than in the past. Once, there was plenty of money and a few media. Today it’s exactly the opposite and from the solid block of rules and methods of the past we now have to progress quickly to an advertising that can flow like a liquid into all the spaces made available by technology.

Professional opportunities

We don’t want to raise executioners of theoretical paths built somewhere else by others, but active, effective, responsible advertisers who are ready to take on the burden of every stage of developing an idea, from briefing to publication, and feedback gathering . At the end of the course, students will be able to find work in major Italian and international groups, service companies, consultancy offices and also NGOs and research institutes, as well as accepting the challenge and setting up their own business.

Who should attend

This course is intended for students with a first-level degree and/or professional experience in areas related to image design, advertising, communication and marketing and in general for everyone who thinks that communication is a viable career choice and a strong aid to individual growth. Participants include as well as copywriters, art directors and account executives of the agencies of the future, but also aspiring corporate communication managers.


If you want to get to the top, learn from those who are already there. Our students have a chance to acquire a fully-rounded vision of new approaches to brand building, working side by side with the professionals who lead the way in today’s market. The course analyses communication techniques that support the brand, including some that are less frequent – but crucial – such as crisis management and defense methods against fake branding. At the end of the course, students will have a clear appreciation of the state of the art of advertising.


– Briefing
– Product characteristics analysis
– Stimulating ideas techniques
– Copy-writing
– Art direction
– Layout and storyboard
– Presentation
– Idea viability (campaignability)
– Production

Student of the Year

At the end of each academic year, RM rewards the best talent of every course and every year. The award is given to the student who has distinguished him- or herself in terms of his/her academic career and portfolio, according to the assessment both of an internal committee of teachers and of an external committee of professionals who are invited to assess the portfolio (the student’s anonymity is protected).


For the quality and effectiveness of its didactic model, this Masters course has been endorsed by:

Art Directors Club Italiano

Project Lecturers

Learning directly from practitioners is the best way to pick up the most advanced visions and methods at source. Unlike conventional Masters, the Raffles Milano Masters bring hands-on knowledge direct into the lecture theatre, with ten market leader advertising agencies occupying the lectern in the course of the ten months.
Each advertising agency spends a month with the students. 8 four-week months and 2 three-week months.
Each week you will have a 6 hour day and an 8 hour day lesson with the advertising agency.
At the end of the month, the student receives an evaluation on the developed project.
Some advertising agencies can be replaced during the Master, with other top-level advertising agencies, maintaining the international Faculty’s standards.

Advertising agency
TBWA\Italia is part of the TBWA\Worldwide network, one of the world’s top ten communication networks and owner of the Disruption® method, whose purpose is to develop business ideas that break with past conventions, a tool for change that doubles as both a working methodology and a philosophy of life. The TBWA\ network includes Auditoire, BEING, Digital Arts Network (DAN), eg+ Worldwide, the Integer® group, TBWA\Media Arts Lab and TBWA\WorldHealth, as well as local and independent TBWA\, with 323 offices in 97 countries and more than 11,100 employees worldwide. TBWA\ has had a presence in Italy since 1971 and now has offices in Milan and Rome, employing more than 100 professionals who work together, sharing their objectives, offices and creative direction, although they all have their own individual and specific areas of expertise. The two Italian agencies cover the areas of interactive digital advertising, events, promotions, retail marketing, co-marketing, print production, video production and the web. The Milan agency has its own in-house daycare that is also open to other children living locally.
Advertising agency
Havas is one of the world’s largest global communication groups. Established in Paris in 1835, it employs more than 20,000 people in over 100 countries worldwide. The group is committed to being the best in the world at forging significant links between people and brands by using creativity, media and innovation. Havas is also the most integrated group in its field, since it has implemented its Together Strategy, creative teams and media that operate in shared spaces, the Havas Villages, that are designed to increase synergies and creativity to benefit clients and agencies themselves. Havas is organised in two divisions: Havas Creative Group and Havas Media Group. Havas Creative Group includes the Havas Worldwide Network, present in 75 countries, the Arnold micro-network, present in 9 countries, and numerous top agencies, including BETC and the Fullsix Group. The Havas Media Group encompasses three major brands: Havas Media, Arena Media and Fullsix Media, which operate in synergy with Havas Sports & Entertainment, the most extensive network of experts in sports, music and entertainment.
M&C Saatchi
Advertising agency
M&C Saatchi’s Italian office opened in Milan in 2010 as an entrepreneurial start-up of five professionals with consolidated experience. Carlo Noseda, Managing Partner, Vincenzo Gasbarro and Luca Scotto di Carlo, both Creative Partners, Silvio Meazza, Interactive Partner, and Jonathan Grundy, who together decided to create a “silo-free space” for creativity. M&C Saatchi Worldwide is a network unlike any other: its 24 agencies in 17 different countries together form a continuously-expanding network that was first established by 1995 by the brothers Maurice and Charles Saatchi, when they left Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency they first set up in 1970. M&C Saatchi immediately took the form of an international network with offices in UK, United States and Australia. Ever since the very beginning, the driving force has been the strategy of simplicity, both in the campaigns it has conceived for many of the world’s leading brands, whose hallmark is their originality and ability to hit the target, and in the network’s organisational structure, designed to be agile and devoid of bureaucratic bottlenecks.
Advertising agency
In 1997, three leading names in Italian advertising, Maurizio D’Adda, Riccardo Lorenzini and Gianpietro Vigorelli, decided to pool their resources to create an agency, laying the foundations for an adventure that still continues to this day. When their agency merged with BBDO Italy in 2000, the result was DLV BBDO, bringing on board a strong international spirit and a host of new talents. The way that this agency sees things, being contemporary implies being aware about change before it happens, so not just constantly chasing after it once it has taken place. DLV BBDO formula envisages generating strategic and creative work to underpin the positioning of client brands, employing contents that are always conceived from the very beginning in terms of a multi-platform and multi-device mindset. DLV BBDO has two locations, one in Milan and the other in Rome, where it can draw on the skills of a team of more than 100 professionals. The agency’s passion for a job well done has not changed a bit since 1997, as its website recites: “We are an agency capable of generating ideas as a team. A team made of people, talents and big hearts.”
Ogilvy & Mather Italy
Advertising agency
Ogilvy & Mather Italy is the Italian agency of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide (Group), one of the world’s leading communication networks, with more than 500 offices in 130 countries. First established in Italy in 1962, the agency operates through a series of highly specialised structures: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising covers branding and advertising; OgilvyOne is responsible for digital and customer engagement; Soho Square looks after Continuous Commerce and digital consulting; Ogilvy DeLuxe covers fashion, luxury and lifestyle; Social@Ogilvy looks after social media marketing and communication; Neo@Ogilvy is the place for digital media; Geometry Global covers brand activation; Ogilvy Healthworld is responsible for communication in the area of health and fitness; H&O covers creative production and implementation marketing; Ogilvy Change is responsible for behavioural sciences, and Aida Partners Ogilvy PR is the public relations office. All these different fields of expertise cohabit and interact to meet contemporary challenges. The group was named Network of the Year at the Cannes Lions from 2012 to 2016 and EFFIE Global Index Network of the Year in 2012, 2013 and 2016.
Advertising agency
The Grey Global Group is a global advertising and marketing agency based in New York with 432 offices in 154 cities in 96 countries, belonging to the communication holding group WWP. Inside this structure, independent business units deal with advertising, direct marketing, public relations, brand development, customer relationship management and interactive marketing. With its proud slogan “Famously Effective Since 1917”, Grey is capable of opening up new horizons for its clients’ brands through any kind of platform, creating lasting relationships with consumers and giving the brands a real life of their own outside the confines of paid spaces. Grey works with about one in five of all Fortune 500 firms and was named Adweek’s Global Agency of the Year in 2013 and Advertising Age’s Agency of the Year in 2014. Grey United, the group’s Italian branch, was established in 2014 when 1861 United merged with Grey Italy and immediately achieved a market positioning as a strong agency with clear ideas, projected towards the future and with clients of the calibre of Sky, Vodafone, Findus, Amplifon and Galbusera.
Visual design studio
Founded in Milan in 1997 by Andrea Bacaloni, Francesco Cavalli, Bruno Genovese and David Pasquali, Leftloft is an independent design office where ideas, people and skills are encouraged to flow together and merge to develop a broader vision of design, of culture and of communication. In 2009, Leftloft also opened an office in New York. The office operates with a design team in which each individual is specialised in several fields, from branding to web design. Leftloft has put its name to many projects in Italy and across the world, partnering with some of the most important private-sector businesses and public-sector institutions in Italy and elsewhere, such as the Inter football club, Mondadori, the Milan Triennale, dOCUMENTA (3), Cassina, Colmar, Pirelli Hangar-Bicocca, subito.it, the Istanbul Biennale, RCS Corriere della Sera, the Feltrinelli Foundation, Sinistra Italiana, the Castle of Rivoli, Expo 2015, the Venice Biennale, the European Union, GS1 Italy, Loescher and Slowear. The structure also include Luft, a think tank established to develop creative thinking and collaborative production, which operates primarily in the fields of identity, research, concept, strategy, art direction and narration.
Visual design studio
NODE is a Berlin- and Oslo-based design studio founded in 2003 by Anders Hofgaard and Serge Rompza. The studio works collaboratively across various media, focusing on editorial, identity, exhibition and interactive projects, in close relationship with clients, ranging from individuals to mostly cultural institutions. Recent projects include the new website for Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA); the identity for HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin; the Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection (CAVS) website for MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT); and the design for the Lithuanian pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia.
Brand experience agency
With 190 offices in 93 countries, you can find us in every corner of the world. Across all continents with many languages and diverse cultures, VMLY&R is united by the power of human connection. As a global brand experience agency, we harness creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands that impact the world. VMLY&R ITALY thrives on creating work that brings people together. We believe everything is fundamentally connected, and we are relentless in our pursuit of uncovering and creating the inspiring connections that draw us all closer together. So we resist the usual ways of seeing, thinking and doing. We question everything, using data and insights to reimagine the entire connected consumer experience. From this, we create work that brings brands closer to customers, customers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world.

Method Lecturers

There are some kinds of practical and theoretical knowledge and abilities that cannot be learned overnight, but need tailored tutoring. You never know when you will need them, but one thing is certain: you will.
For this reason, the students have 200 hours of lessons with the Method Lecturers which are spread over the 10 months of the Master.
Some lecturers can be replaced during the Master, maintaining the international Faculty’s standards.

Giovanni Pelloso
Historian / Critic
A journalist and photography critic who writes for the ViviMilano supplement to the leading national daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, Giovanni Pelloso has worked on publishing projects with Mondadori Portfolio (he was the author of the piece dedicated to Mario De Biasi, Giorgio Lotti and Angelo Cozzi), with Hachette and with Canon Italia. A co-author of the Dizionario mondiale della fotografia (Rizzoli/Contrasto, 2002), he is a contributor to the monthly magazines NPhotography and Photo Professional and is editor in chief of the long-established magazine Il Fotografo. He has held workshops and seminars about photography at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples, the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia and the Contrasto agency. His research interests focus on the theory and practice of the sociology of consumption and of advertising. Working as a contract lecturer, he has been teaching and conducting research since 2005 at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and of Entertainment at the IULM University in Milan. He has been lecturing in photography at the LAO since 2013 and is an associate researcher at the Milan Civic Aquarium.
Andrea Braccaloni
Graphic designer
Andrea Braccaloni studied at the Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture, where he also met his future partners. In 1997, with Francesco Cavalli, Bruno Genovese and David Pasquali, he founded the Leftloft design and communication agency, in which he works as design director, type designer and expert in communication strategy and analysis. The more significant projects he has worked on closely include designing the proprietary typeface for the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the signage and typography for Milan’s San Siro stadium, rebranding Moleskine, rebranding Oscar Mondadori and subito.it, art direction and communication for the Inter FC football club and various publishing products, such as the daily sports newspaper Dieci, the newspaper Manifesto and the magazines Panorama First, ICON, Focus and Sette del Corriere della Sera. He is a professional member of Aiap, the BEDA Register, ATypl and TDC. Since 2001, in addition to his professional work he has also been teaching at Milan Polytechnic, the CFP Bauer and the IED in Milan.
Maki Gherzi
Born in 1972 in Monfalcone, he studied architecture in Genoa, where he began to collaborate as a sound engineer and light designer on film sets. Once in Milan, he dealt with video art and then, together with Stefano Boeri, he founded Multiplicity, a multidisciplinary collective merging visual art experience and urban design. He collaborated with Mercurio, a production studio in Milan, working as filmmaker for several ads. The following are among his most recent productions: FCA, BPER, Yamaha, Ramazzotti, GDF Suez, ENI, Indesit, Vodafone, Feltrinelli and Morellato. He is mainly known for working on music videos. In 2004, he directed music clips for Jovanotti, Tiziano Ferro, Rezophobic, Piero Pelù, Zucchero, velvet, Negramaro, Gemelli Diversi, Nek, Subsonica, Planet Funk, Motel Connection. In 2006, he was awarded the Premio Video Clip Italiano thanks to Incantevole by Subsonica. In 2003, he won Premio Solinas for the best subject in the feature film Una buona ragione.
Gianluca Ferrauto
His professional career has given him the chance to gain experience in different fields: from communication to financing service. He has successfully developed a new business and at the same time renewed new commercial networks and company organizations. He has a peculiar attitude towards strategic thinking, from team work to talent honing and management. As a Coach Manager, he is truly a remarkable specialist of relationships for the development and acquisition of fundamental self-awareness. He has had numerous managerial roles in important Italian and international companies ranging from Commercial Manager in Mondadori Advertising to General Manager in Cemit Interactive Media, and he has been the General Manager in Condé Nast. After a few years in consulting, he came back to the company field as a Managing Director and as CEO of Cerved's Finservice Group.
Davide Calluori
Digital artist
Born in Syracuse, in Sicily in 1978, Davide Calluori graduated in Art from the DAMS school in Bologna, then moved to Milan, where he took a diploma in Graphic Design from the Accademia di Comunicazione. He started his professional career at DLV BBDO as an art director. He then developed an interest in creating and producing images for printing. He became the manager for the post-production, 3D and illustration department. At the beginning of 2016, he teamed up with Daniele Tribi and Francesco Van Straten to establish B612Studio, a structure that works with illustration, 3D, post-production and photography. The clients he has completed projects for include Yamaha, Freddy, Cam, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Institute, Che Banca!, Bayer, Telecom, Sky and Audi. His work appeared in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 editions of the 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide Annual Award and of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Annual Award published by Lürzer’s Archive.
Luca Barcellona
Designer / Calligrapher
A graphic designer and calligrapher, Luca Barcellona uses lettering as the main component of his creations, whose aim is to induce the manual dimension of an art as age-old as handwriting to cohabit with the languages and tools available in the digital age. In 2003, he teamed up with Rae Martini and Marco Klefisch to found the collective Rebel Ink. In 2009, he worked with the calligrapher Klaus Peter Schaffel for the National Museum in Zurich to create a faithful reproduction of a large-scale globe whose original dated back to 1569, practising his calligraphy with original materials (goose quills and natural inks). The brands that have commissioned lettering from him include Carhartt, Nike, Mondadori, Zoo York, Dolce & Gabbana, Sony BMG, Seat, Volvo, Universal and Eni. He teaches calligraphy at the Italian Calligraphy Association and holds workshops in several European cities. In 2010, he produced his own clothing line, the Luca Barcellona Gold Series. More recently, he brought out his first monographic book, Take Your Pleasure Seriously, with the publisher Lazy Dog Press, where he is also a partner.

Companies & Brands

In nearly thirty years of work, the Raffles Group has built up a substantial network of partners that participate in our three-year and Masters courses. These firms’ reputations and the quality of the relationships e have developed with them are a guarantee of a decidedly fertile meeting between education and business.

Adidas, Aigner, B&O – Bang & Olufsen, Boucheron, Brother, Bulgari, Burberry, C&A, Cartier, Chanel, Chloé, Design Business Chamber Singapore, Diesel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Elle, Fendi, Fujifilm, Furniture Design Award Singapore, Giorgio Armani, H&M, Heinz, Hermes, Hogan, HP Technology, HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, IKEA, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Kohler, Lear Corporation, Lego, Li & Fung, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Mahogany, Max Mara, MediaCorp, Metro, Michael Kors, Microsoft, Nippon Paint, Nokia, Orchard Road Business Association, Pepsi, Philips, Prada, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Redworks, Richemont, Richmond, Rolex, Saatchi & Saatchi, Saint Laurent Paris, Samsung, Shiseido, Siemens, Singapore Furniture Industries Council, Singapore Jewellers Association, Sony Pictures, Standard Chartered, Textile & Fashion Federation, Tiffany & Co., Valentino, Versace, Y&R, Yves Saint Laurent.

Monday talk

Every Monday evening at 6.30 p.m., Raffles Milano invites its students to meet one of the major personalities who walk the stage of design, style and design culture. Hearing the stories and ideas that influence the market and drive our mindset – straight from the horse’s mouth – is an amazing opportunity that adds substance to our academic programmes. Here is the agenda of meetings for the coming year.


Applications can be sent by the “Admission Form” below or made by phone by calling the Secretariat directly. When we receive the required documentation and a motivational letter written by the Candidate, the Management will set the date for an introductory interview with the Course Leader or with the College Director if necessary. If their profile is considered suitable, candidates will receive official notice regarding the acceptance of their application, which in any case is non-binding for the Candidate.


Application documents:
– curriculum vitae
– artistic and/or professional portfolio
– motivation letter
– copy of Bachelor’s Degree/Graduation certificate
– passport or identity card for Italian or EU-EFTA citizens

Candidates can also send the application documents to the e-mail address: master@rm-modaedesign.it

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Following the Management’s official notice concerning the Candidate’s admissibility, the latter may proceed to the enrolment stage. All students who fulfil the requirements must pay the enrolment fee when they formalize their enrolment, which must then be integrated by the yearly
tuition fee before the beginning of the course.

 European Union and EFTA students
Enrolment fee: 3.000 euros
Tuition fee: 15.000 euros

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Enrolment fee: 3.000 euros
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