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Academic events

Opening ceremony of the academic year 2018-2019 with Jury Chechi


Raffles Milano awards the Student of the year and the Teacher of the year.


A special evening where the Mentor and Guest of Honour is World Olympic Champion Jury Chechi, the greatest Italian gymnast of all times. He will be delivering the Diplomas and Awards to the students of the Master’s and Three-Year Courses.

An special evening, in via Felice Casati 16, to inaugurate the new academic year 2018/2019 and deliver the diplomas to the students of the Master’s Courses at Raffles Milano. The theme of the evening was the “meaning of commitment”, the discipline you need to face your personal growth process and acquire the appropriate training to reach the most important goals in personal and professional life alike.

Raffles chooses to dedicate each opening ceremony of the academic year to a “framework of meaning”: if the theme is commitment (to become the best, to achieve the most important goals, to feel satisfied and aware of what you are capable of doing in life), then an athlete like Jury Chechi is the ideal mentor to convey the most meaningful and profound messages to our young students. Since he was a child, Jury Chechi dedicated himself to building his career, with sacrifice and dedication, overcoming hostility, practical difficulties and even serious injuries. Chechi always proved that only with accurate and severe work, combined with the passion and happiness of practicing what you desire most, can you reach the most prestigious results, like the memorable Olympic medals and world titles that have made him a pride for our country and a sporting legend. Throughout the ceremony Jury Chechi, and the Raffles Course Leaders, will deliver the Diplomas to students graduating from the Master’s courses as well as the Awards to the best students of each course (selected based on their academic average and the judgment of external professionals appointed by the Professional Associations).

The Raffles Milano Award is a metaphorical object: an unstable aluminium ring, which on the one hand symbolises the level of success the winner has already reached, but which is also simply placed, and not fixed, on a ‘difficult’ base. The ring can therefore fall at any time and is meant to be a constant reminder that you should never take for granted that your success will last forever. It is up to the keeper of the ring to make sure that the conditions of his success always remain appropriate and well-deserved. (And who, if not the “Lord of the Rings” Jury Chechi, could have been the ideal mentor of this evening?)

During the evening, not only students, but also teachers are awarded, since our Faculty is a heritage which we are very proud of: a survey answered by the students of each course reveals the teachers who have distinguished themselves in terms of their preparation, empathy and skill in conveying their knowledge. All of them have the gratitude of the entire Raffles Milano staff.