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Projects for the city
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Academic events

Let’s get to know. In every sense


Raffles Milano Open Days: the best way to experience the atmosphere in a Design school first-han.


Getting to know Raffles through the testimony of teachers and professionals, a tour of the classrooms and common areas, introductions to the courses with Directors and Course Leaders.

Participating in an Open Day at Raffles Milano is a key experience to enter into direct contact with knowledgeable professionals, the subject matters and educational activities, to comprehend the spirit and set-up of an Institute that allows you to take a full and trans-disciplinary plunge  into the professions of design.

After a tour of the premises, aspiring designers are invited to attend the general presentation of the school and its courses, and get to know the profiles of the most representative teachers. Participants then receive information about future career opportunities and enrolment procedures before they are divided into different classrooms – according to areas of interest and vocation – with the dedicated Course Leader and some teachers who have made themselves available to provide further information about their course and method.

Participating in an Open Day at Raffles Milano is the most direct and exhaustive way to understand what it means to be a fashion designer, a visual designer or a product designer: discovering their professional fields, the industries in which – one day in a not too distant future – future graduates will be able to assert and express themselves with the appropriate preparation that only Raffles knows how to provide.

The Open Day at Raffles Milano is also an occasion to find out who the other young people are that want to become designers just like you: often our dreams make us very similar, and we become friends from the day we meet for the first time, at the Open Day.