RM Istituto Moda e Design
Open Day
March 2, 2019

It’s the perfect chance to visit our College, talk to our Course Leaders, meet our international Faculty and have a conversation with our Three-year Course and Master students.

100 Scholarships for RM Masters

RM Istituto Moda e Design is celebrating its 1st Birthday by allocating 500.000 euros in Scholarships, an unprecedented commitment to validate, based on a rigorous selection, international talents who deserve to complete their education and training in a high-level Masters in Milan.

A school
that keeps on giving

A new fashion and design school in Milan? Yes, and it is called RM. A school with an unconventional spirit and an untraditional teaching method. A school conceived for those who want to look the future straight in the eye. And, above all, a school that has assembled an outstanding team of lecturers, many of whom are prominent names in international style and design.

Three years
that will change your life

Learning by doing is the principle at the root of the three-year courses at Raffles Milano, a training experience that structures the mind, provides a solid technical foundation and unleashes a desire to broaden your life horizons.

A dedicated Course Leader

Each course (BA and Master’s) is closely supervised by a Course leader whose task it is to coordinate the study plan, check the continuity of the teaching and teachers, and manage the relationship between the class and the Faculty in order to guarantee the best and most efficient learning system for each student.

Building, breaking, rebuilding
Marc Sadler
Product design
A vocation for the future
Gianpietro Vigorelli
The meaning of a project
Franco Achilli
Visual design